Name: Aoi
Known aliases: The Retarded Wolf
Known associates: ‘Major’ Motoko Kusanagi and Borma & Paz
Race: Human
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 160 lbs
Build: Slim
Preferred weapon: Implanted comm to hack
Secondary weapons: Explosives, pistols
Profession: Worked in a library, until it was burnt down about 2 years ago, since then been ‘helping’ runners with matrix based problems to gather money after loosing everything
Quote: “I thought what I’d do was, I’d blatantly steal an icon and hope no one notices”


Until about 12 months ago, Aoi had been in charge of one of the few remaining libraries in this world. After the world went digital many chose to forget about printed material, seeing digital media as the only true for to use. Being a Competent hacker Aoi understands that anything digital can be created, altered and erased with very little effort. Thus his preference of things in a physical state.

Aoi thought that his previous life was over with. After leaving his parents, 2 highly known shadow runners, he found his love of books and adopted a library. That didn’t last long, it seems like many people don’t appreciate the finer things like him, and a gang burnt down everything that he had poured his life into for the last 4 years.

Now Aoi now roams as a shadow runner, looking for the last person responsible for burning down the library. With the help of the ‘Major’ he has tracked three down already, and is on the tail of the final one.

Aoi’s jobs with the runners deal with the matrix and electrical side of things. Preferring to stay outside of the details, Aoi still picks up on what his jobs are each time. As is the ease of being decent with electronics. His latest jobs have included, making sure a local rigger has got the firmware in his drones to the best it can handle, and tracking a large shipment crossing south through Redmond and was reported ‘lost’ by the Corporation sponsoring the movement before it reached Bellevue. A quick data search had confirmed his thoughts, no local runners or gangs had claimed they hijacked the shipment. It just disappeared…

‘Major’ Motoko Kusanagi, ex-military, is now a firm acquaintance after the business of the medical coverup lead to her tracking down Aoi in the thoughts that he was a criminal. Now offering leads into new jobs, and the occasional scoping of specific targets or objectives of current missions. She offers support when available due to the fact she realises Aoi’s potential as a hacker and the benefit this is to her.

Borma & Paz work along as supporting figures to the Major. The Major has asked that they help with anything outside of Aoi’s usual capabilities. Borma, is a munitions and explosives expert which until only recently hasn’t interested Aoi very much. Paz on the other hand has many connections and can help with events relating to underground syndicates.


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