Ark Angel


Name: Rizo warrick
Known aliases: Ark Angle
Known associates: Mr Anderson, Old Joe
Race: Human
Height: 6’
Weight: 190 lbs
Build: Slim
Preferred weapon: Pistols/ Magic
Profession: Shop clerk at a Magic and Herbalism store


Rizo started his career working as a low level Yakuza gang member,he was a loyal yakuza gang member until he started experiencing visions of a wolf spirit, these visions got worse and worse until the spirit started talking,it said to him that he should leave the yakuza. After a few months of deliberation he finally decided to leave the yakuza a decision which cost him his right pinky finger . Now during the day Rizo works at a Magic and Herbalism store as a shop clerk. During the night Rizo enjoys visiting the E-trance night clubs. Rizo often has pity for non awakened characters but will remain very loyal to any one he classes as his friend

Ark Angel

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