6'1" white male elf, wears a chameleon suit hidden under a coat or duster.


Name: James West
Known aliases: Sevens
Known associates: Joey DeCarlo aka ‘The Milk Man’, Kevin Lovitz aka ‘Big Green’
Race: Elf
Sex: Yes Please
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Build: Slim
Preferred weapon: Bow
Profession: Smart ass
Augmentation level: Alpha as fuck


Turns out crime does pay… quite well in fact. Between his failed stint at LSSS, his enigmatic boss who sets up runs out of his run down arcade, his job at said arcade and putting an arrow between someone’s eyes, Sevens has a rather colourful life. And he wouldn’t change a thing.

Power Zone arcade lies in downtown Seattle, from the outside it appears to be a run down children’s arcade. But from the inside… it appears to be a run down children’s arcade. The owner Joey DeCarlo aka ‘The Milk Man’ employees Sevens and Kevin Lovitz aka ‘Big Green’ as workers in the arcade when they are not out on runs, despite both of them being fairly well trained mercinaries. The Milk Man acts as a Fixer for Sevens, supplying him with information and jobs.


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