Male Human often seen sporting a Seattle Mariners Basketball Jaket


Name: Alexei Grobachev
Known aliases: Shrapnel
Known contacts: Yukari Akiyama, Russell Coight aka “All Aussie Adventurer”
Race: Human
Height: 189cm
Weight: 88kg
Build: Manly
Preferred weapon: longarms/shotgun
Secondary weapons: Pistols
Profession: Tank Enthusiast
Quote: “Panzer vor means panzer vor”


Alexei lived in Russia until moving to the Allied German States at 12 years of age. This is where Alexei’s love for tanks blossomed. On seeing the Leopard III Alexei knew that his life goal had been set, to own/operate Europe’s premier heavy tank. At the age of 17 Alexei’s parents died leaving him the house and whatever money they had to him. Upon turning 19 Alexei heard that there was a fortune to be made in Seattle by shadowrunning. So selling his house and all his belongings he moved continents and bought himself an RV. Beginning the first steps to eventually buy a Leapord III.


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