Dance Commander

Host of a popular Pirate Radio station


The dwarf celebrity and host of Radio Ga-Ga, is quite well known around Seattle as he is the only person to play music that isn’t the latest beats that have been done to death, and appears to be on air almost 24/7.

There have been plenty of rumors about him, some say that’s he a deserter for the UCAS, others say that he’s one of the big CEO’s that cuts-loose under the alias, but the current one going around that he doesn’t exist and is just an AI that got bored, even though everyone knows what he looks like, very few claim to have seen him in person.

He’s also a big thing runners as he it known to give hints out on air to who to talk to about a job or what company currently has a little something-something that’s worth a pretty penny on the black market.

Dance Commander

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