Skylar "Morlock" King

Dwarf summoner specialised in manipulation


Dwarf summoner specialised in manipulation.
Age: 24 Eyes: Green Hair: Black Height: 111cm Weight: 44kg Skin:Equipped


From an early age Skylar had shown remarkable abilities in speech. He would seemingly be able to interpret sentences of information with just a few words. Unknowingly at first, Skylar possessed the ability of Clairvoyance. His skills quickly gained the attention of peers as a simple trick of “Guess what number I am thinking of,” turned into “Why does the number keep changing in my head and why can’t I stop biting my tongue!?”
Years later after separating himself from friends and family for undisclosed reasons, Skylar took to the underground where he honed his natural talents which expanded into summoning and studied business as a way to support himself. On the off chance he sees his family and past friends, they refer to him as Morlock, though none of them know where they got the idea.

Skylar "Morlock" King

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